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Polaris Snowmobile Colored Accessories

Polaris runs out or discontinues all colored accessories shortly after manufacturing the sleds. These are hot selling items. Buy them now before they run out. If you are in a rush, please call 1-866-385-5847 or e-mail us for availability. Most items are Pure Polaris. Some are from SPI or Garland and marked accordingly.

Polaris Pro RMK Snow Flap

NEW Pro RMK snow flap $38


IQ and RMK Snow Flaps
IQ and RMK Flaps. Will also fit most other chassis with new rivet holes.
Only Black or Black with White Polaris writing is available now $79


Colored Hi Fax Snowmobile Sliders
Snowmobile Hifax for IQ, Rush & Pro Ride Chassis. Garland profile 24, All colors 64" long except white, 61"  $76 a pair

Polaris IQ and Fusion Skid Plates
IQ/Fusion Skid Plate $89.99


Pro Ride Skid Plate
Pro Ride Skid Plate $104.99
2011 800 Pro-RMK 155
2011 800 Pro-RMK 163
2011 800 RMK 155
2011 800 RMK Assault 155
2011 800 Switchback Assault 144


IQ Style Skid Plate
IQ-style skid plate $84.99
fits ‘06-09 Switchback, ‘06-10 Touring, ‘05-08 RMK and
‘06-08 IQ


Pure Polaris Handguard RedPure Polaris Handguard WhitePure Polaris Handguard Black
Polaris Handguards $35pr
These do not come with mounts and the older style Polaris mounts are NLA.
Black Diamond,Powermadd and RSI mounts work with these.


Polaris Race Handguards

Polaris Handguards $30pr
Race version in Red only
Works with Black Diamond Mounts
Black Diamond Billet Handguard Mounts
 Billet Handguard Mounts $79.95pr
Fits Perfect on
IQ Racer and 600RR
plus many other models.
These work well with the handguards to the left in this row

Pure Polaris New Style Handguards WhitePure Polaris New Style Handguards RedPure Polaris New Style Handguards Black
NEW Polaris Handguards $35pr

Polaris Lock and Ride Handguard Mounts
Polaris Lock & Ride
 Handguard Mounts $55pr
May not work well with
tall windshields. Replacement for IQ billet mounts. To be used with the NEW guards to the left in this row.

  Polaris Pro Taper Lock and Ride Handguard Mounts
Polaris Pro Taper Lock & Ride
  Handguard Mounts $65pr
May not work well with
tall windshields. Replacement for IQ billet mounts. To be used with the NEW guards to the left in this row.

Polaris Pro-Steer skis $139ea
Carbides sold separately here. Available in White, Red, & Black


Colored Snow Cross Skis
 (Sno-X Skis) $159ea
Carbides sold separately. You can use standard Woody's carbides for Polaris composite skis.


Ski Toes $48pr
These are IQ/Rush style and will also fit the sno-x skis
(will fit Edge by drilling out 1 hole or by using a thinner bolt)


SPI Edge Lower Radius Rod $29ea


SPI Edge upper Radius Rod $25ea

 Bogie Wheels $38.99ea
5.35" come with 6205 bearings
5.62" come with 6004 bearings

SPI Recoil starter handles $9.99ea

SPI Fishbone Tunnel braces 
18" long $89.95pr
Only Black is currently available

  Handlebar pad with pocket $19.99
 Fits Edge and Gen II NLA

Many more parts available including all stock/OEM Polaris parts
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