Gmax Full Face Street Helmets


gmax-helmet-ff-49-warp-white-yellow_small gmax-helmet-ff-49-warp-white-red_small gmax-helmet-ff-49-warp-white-hi-viz-orange_small gmax-helmet-ff-49-warp-white-hi-viz-green_small
gmax-helmet-ff-49-warp-white-blue_small gmax-helmet-ff-49-warp-flat-white-white_small gmax-helmet-ff-49-warp-flat-black-silver_small gmax-helmet-ff-49-derk-black-silver_small
gmax-helmet-ff-49-flat-black_small gmax-helmet-ff-49-gloss-black_small

GMAX FF49 Helmets $94.95 - $99.95


A Superior fitting lightweight helmet.
DOT approved thermo-plastic poly alloy shell.
Fully removable, adjustable Coolmax® interior and cheek pads to allow for custom fitting and easy cleaning.
Snap-in removable chin curtain.
GMAX flow-thru intake and exhaust venting. Fresh air is pulled in and unwanted hot air is removed by using a combination of forehead and rear vents.
Hard coated optically correct shield features a tool-less design for quick and easy shield change and cleaning.
Anti-fog single, double, and electric shields available.
All shields are UV400 coated and 100% UV protected.
Large eye port for improved range of vision.
Soft padded chin strap for increased comfort.

gmax-helmet-gm-69-mayhem-matte-black-silver-white_small gmax-helmet-gm-69-mayhem-matte-black-silver-red_small gmax-helmet-gm-69-mayhem-black-silver-orange_small gmax-helmet-gm-69-mayhem-black-silver-green_small
gmax-helmet-gm-69-gloss-black_small gmax-helmet-gm-69-flat-black_small gmax-helmet-gm-69-pearl-white_small gmax-helmet-gm-69-titanium_small

GMAX GM69 Helmets $124.95 - $134.95


A Newly designed GM69 Full Face Street Helmet
DOT approved lightweight thermo-poly alloy shell
Lightweight multiple shells and styro rsquo s for GMAX premium fit and maximum comfort
Large eye port for a wide range of vision
New sleek wedge design
ldquo State of the art venting rdquo with functional intake and exhaust vents to get fresh air in while evacuating unwanted hot air and moisture
High air flow top intake vents feature larger controls for easy use with gloved hands
Molded front air dam directs hot breath away from the shield to reduce fogging and the adjustable chin vent directs fresh air upward across the inside of the shield to help reduce fogging
Plush removable washable Coolmax reg interior allows for custom fit and comfort that is second to none
Removable cheek pads for custom fitting with optional sized cheek pads available for purchase
Interior designed for noise reduction and comfort with noise reduction cheek pad shape vented chin curtain and rear neck roll shape
Padded chin strap with D-ring closure and retention snap secures excess chin strap
Anti-scratch optically correct shield with easy tool-less removal

gmax-helmet-gm-78-white_small gmax-helmet-gm-78-titanium_small gmax-helmet-gm-78-flat-black_small
gmax-helmet-gm-78-firestarter-titanium-silver_small gmax-helmet-gm-78-firestarter-flat-titanium-silver_small gmax-helmet-gm-78-firestarter-black-pink_small
gmax-helmet-gm-78-firestarter-black-green_small gmax-helmet-gm-78-firestarter-black-blue_small gmax-helemt-gm-78-firestarter-black-red_small

GMAX GM78 Helmets $139.95 - $149.95


A Lightweight D.O.T. approved thermo-plastic ploy alloy shell
New integrated multi-function red LED rear light with three distinct settings steady on slow flash and rapid flash
GMAX ldquo D.E.V.S. rdquo adjustable ldquo Dual Exhaust Venting System rdquo Top side and rear venting reduces fogging and sweating by allowing hot air to escape from the mouth area and top of head.
Adjustable chin vent directs air upward across the inside of the shield to help reduce fogging.
Interior and styro designed for controlled air flow.
New Inner flip tint sun lens with the best anti-fog coating available today.
Inner flip shield is easily raised or lowered with a lever located on the exterior of the helmet.
Hard coated outer lens for longer lasting clear view.
Large eye-port for improved range of vision.
Removable washable interior and cheek pads.
Deluxe ear pockets for better fit and comfort.
Built in speaker pockets for communication systems.
Excellent shield sealing reduces unwanted air and noise
Optional/Replacement inner shields available
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