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Icon Airframe Pro Helmets

NEW! Airframe Pro – Angle For Attack Features:

-More compact shape
-Expertly angled to maintain visibility and stability
-Higher rear neckline to decrease jacket or suit interference
-Composed of aerospace-grade carbon fiber, or FRP
-Lighter weight
-Uses 5 piece liner for more custom fit instead of traditional 3 piece
flash bang airframe pro carbon front view flash bang airframe pro carbon back view
ICON Flash Bang $600


Shoot and scoot with the Airframe Pro Flash Bang Carbon. ICON’s exclusive handmade 4Tress™ carbon fiber shell provides unparalleled strength while remaining incredibly lightweight. Its “Angle of Attack” orientation is built for the aggressive sport bike riding posture for optimized aerodynamics. The AFP Flash Bang includes an ICON Tracshield. Experience the precision manufacturing of modern technology.

icon-helmet-airframe-pro-ghost-carbon_small icon-helmet-airframe-pro-ghost-carbon-back_small
ICON Ghost Carbon $600


The Airframe Pro Ghost Carbon goes without graphics, logos, or gimmicks and lets its design speak for itself. The dramatically reduced shell profile, track-recognized ECE certification, and precision assembly techniques can all be seen in their purest form. The AFP is built using our unique “Angle of Attack” orientation - eyeport, vents, neckroll, and aerodynamics all optimized for an aggressive sportbike riding posture.

icon-helmet-airframe-pro-halo-carbon-glory_small icon-helmet-airframe-pro-halo-carbon-glory-back_small
ICON Halo Carbon Glory $600


The best of modern technologies and the finest attention to detail, all for one purpose – high-velocity domination with flying colors. The Airframe Pro Halo Carbon features a handmade 4Tress™ carbon fiber shell, hand-applied design, and precision manufacturing techniques. Equipped with an ICON Tracshield in the box, the Airframe Pro Halo Carbon is track-ready out of the box - wherever that track may be.

airframe pro brozak front viewairframe pro brozak back view
ICON Brozak $430


Nothing says happy time like a pocket full of Brozak™ and a wrist full of throttle. The AFP Brozak is all party up front, all demon out back. A green and yellow Class A prescription now available in an over-the-counter family-sized pack. Tastes like sugar, smells like victory, and won’t leave a trace when it comes time to visit your P.O.

airframe pro deployed camo front viewairframe pro deployed camo back view
ICON Deployed - Camo $400


Gain the upper hand in the urban mission with AFP Deployed. Designed for the aggressive sport riding position with optimized aerodynamics, giving you the tactical advantage. The ICON Army is recruiting; will you answer the call?

icon-helmet-airframe-pro-halo-red_small icon-helmet-airframe-pro-halo-green_small
icon-helmet-airframe-pro-halo-blue_small icon-helmet-airframe-pro-halo-black_small
ICON Halo $400


The best of modern technologies and the finest attention to detail, all for one purpose – high-velocity domination with flying colors. The Airframe Pro Halo features a handmade composite shell, hand-applied design, and precision manufacturing techniques.

Airframe Pro Cottonmouth Gold Front ViewAirframe Pro Cottonmouth Gold Back View
ICON Cottonmouth $440


Like a stealth viper with a hallucinatory bite, the Cottonmouth serves up a Medusa-driven strike with a rocka-rolla twist. Now you see it, now you’re stoned.

icon-helmet-airframe-pro-construct-white_small icon-helmet-airframe-pro-construct-black_small
ICON Construct $395


Everyone claims to make a premier helmet, but only ICON lays their shells bare to prove it. The Airframe Pro Construct showcases its hand-laid composite shell for the whole world to see. All the better to see the precision-designed Airframe Pro Construct silhouette.

icon-helmet-airframe-pro-solid-white_small icon-helmet-airframe-pro-solid-black_small
ICON Solid $375


Purity at its finest, the Airframe Pro Solids speak for themselves. Only the finely-engineered shape of the Airframe Pro is on display - its “Angle of Attack” orientation purpose-built for aggressive riding positions. So fresh, so clean, the Airframe Pro Solid is simply stunning.

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