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Polaris IQR electronics


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Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer
We absolutely love this piece. It solves so many issues with the trail converted Polaris IQ race sleds like adding a temp sensor and getting a speedo just to name a couple. And when the season is over, put it on your motorcycle or ATV.
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GPS, speed, distance, compass, altitude, temperature, tach, and maps
View, organize, edit and share entire trail systems in 3D
240 x 400 WQVGA LCD is readable even in direct sunlight and back-lit for night riding
Customizable user screens
Vehicle power lead and Ignition sensor
MicroSD memory card
Ride leader CD-Free program and trail maps/gpx files your can download
Engine performance linked to GPS data
Crash-resistant, off-road design
Upload routes from any GPS
Internal Li-ion battery (or vehicle AC/DC power)
7/8” and 1 1/8” handlebar mount, snowmobile mount
Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer $289.95


Voyager Multiple Purpose
Billet Aluminum Mount & Protector
Sorry, blue and red are NLA



Koso AC/DC converter $40
This small box made of aluminum will convert AC power into DC power. Its compact size, 1.5x1x1", and strong resistance make it the perfect power converter for all snowmobile, ATV or dirt bikes.
1. The input voltage range : 12 ~ 30v (AC/DC)
2. The output voltage range : DC 12 ~ 15v
3. Max load : 6W


Chatterbox Helmet communication + music + voice commands for texting and phone. Click on link and call for additional details.


Polaris Headlight Dimmer Switch $41


SPI Headlight Dimmer Switch $30
3 wire connection

iqr h4 LED headlight

High beam

Low beam

High beam before

Low beam before 

LED Headlights $70ea (order 2 for your IQR)
Replaces standard H4 headlight bulbs
Real LED headlight features at a fraction of the price of others
Uses stock reflector and bulb housing
6000K (6000 Kelvin) daylight white (not yellow) light beam with no blue tint
Built-in ballast with active heat-management fan
Offers a super bright 3000 lumen LED output (versus standard H4 lumen output of 800-1200 lumens)
Draws less than 1 amp compared to stock bulb at 5 amps
Easy do-it-yourself plug-and-play installation
Kit includes four different mounting adaptors to fit 90% percent of all models
20,000 hour bulb life
Special note: These have a more focused white low beam light that is very bright, higher up than stock and when you switch to high beam the low beam also stays on. When you switch to high beam there is not much of a change beacuse the low beam is so bright and the high beam focus points are higher up and off to each side. So its not like a normal high beam light which appears twice as bright and higher up. We will be continuing our search for the "best" light with the best of both worlds.


Polaris Slider Style Kill Switch $44


Aftermarket Momentary Button Style Kill Switch $19
Can also be use as a perc reverse switch


Polaris Tether and Kill Switch $55


Aftermarket Tether and Kill Switch for Polaris $28
The larger opening on the factor Polaris nut works better. We recommend using that nut with the new switch.


Aftermarket Kill Switch only for Polaris $17


Aftermarket Tether/Cap and Cord only for Polaris $12


LED Taillight conversion kit $29.95
LED insert replaces the stock 1157 bulbs with an LED PC board circuit
Dual-function LED (run/stop)
Installs inside the OEM taillight lens
Plugs into the stock bulb socket, no modifications required
Way brighter than stock and installs in minutes
IQR fuel tank lightIQ racer fuel tank lightIQR gas tank light

NEW Fuel tank light $19.95
Light your tank up so you can see your fuel level and be more visible at night. Light available in Red or Amber.  Light is 1" in diamater 1/2" thick and contains 16 wide angle super bright LEDs. Three wire system has dual intensity. Wires can be attached at voltage regulator plug. Sealed circuit board. No mount included. Picture of sled tank using a red light at full intensity.



Snobunje Wash Light $14.95

Flash light and piston wash inspection light
Reading spark plugs?
There is a much better way to determine if an engine is running with the proper jetting and that is by reading the piston wash. You will need an inspection light that can go down inside the cylinder through the spark plug hole and shine on top of the piston.
Many more parts available including all stock/OEM Polaris parts
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