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Polaris IQ Storage Bags


Powermadd Riser Cover Bag $51
Fits most sleds. Installs in seconds. 
The PowerMadd Riser Bag helps clean up your bars after putting on a larger riser block by covering up wires and gives you the added benefit of a pocket for storage and the pad for protection.
Use on Snowmobiles or ATV’s with at least a 3” riser.
Includes a 1” nylon strap and buckle to secure the bag to your bars and two 3” velco straps on the sides of the bag for stability and to hide wires.
Made of heavy duty nylon material.
The pocket comes with a waterproof zipper and a water resistant wire inlet on the bottom.
The side of the bag features a D-ring to attach your tether when not being used.


Skinz tank bag $79.99
SALE $60
Fits 05-08 Polaris IQ race sleds + 600RR.  Installs in minutes.  Attaches with velcro in 6 different areas plus has a strap to go around the fuel tank neck. Now with a map pocket.
White is currently a special order only so 4-6 weeks if you order it.

Skinz rear seat paks $79.99
Fits 05-08 Polaris IQ race sleds + 600RR.  Installs in minutes. Bags are attached to each other with a strap and velcro down in 9 different areas.

Under hood storage bag $26
Fits most sleds. Keep a spare set of gloves, goggles or a medium weight fleece dry and toasty warm. We will ship which ever bag is in stock, either WPS or RSI, unless you specify only one brand.
Gears storage bag $38.95
Tool pouch or storage compartment-Gears makes a great one that bolts in on top of the belt cover. It holds 2 Maxima quick mix 20 oil bottles, a tool pouch and there is room for spare plugs and a shop rag. Your spare belt Velcro's around it.
Fits most sleds.  Installs in minutes. (Additional items mentioned not included)
*NEW Design* LARGE Skinz IQR clutch cover storage bag $79.95
Tool pouch or storage compartment we had custom made by Skinz. Your spare belt Velcro's around it.
Fits all Polaris IQ race sleds & the 600RR. Measurements are 14Lx7Wx9.5H. Installs in minutes.  It's about 6 times bigger than the Gears bag above. Pictured with 2 gallons of Amsoil in it. Not sure if it will fit on the '17's
Polaris IQ race chassis heavy duty cover $220 NLA
Polaris now has this new heavy duty cover for all IQ race chassis and the 600rr. This is the best cover yet. Two straps attach it to the spindles, four straps attach it to the skid and one going across between the bars and windshield to keep it tight. It has padding built in for the handlebars and along the foot well grip strips. It also has a zippered door to access the gas tank. Well worth the money
Many more parts available including all stock/OEM Polaris parts
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