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Snowmobile Handlebar Riser Blocks


Non Pivot Style Handlebar Riser Blocks
Improve the handling, control and comfort of your snowmobile by adding a handlebar riser block
Made out of aluminum
Kits come complete with hardware and installs in minutes
Most snowmobiles will accept a 2" Riser Block without having to modify any cables or wiring
We recommend unbolting your stock neck, raising the bars and measuring to see how high you can go before ordering
We have extension kits to lengthen your stock throttle cable and brake line if necessary (pictures below) Arctic Cats up to '99 with 1/4" bolts. Arctic Cats '00 and up use 5/16" bolts. Some Ski-doo X models require different parts like the Rox risers below.  Call for further explanation and we'll get you set up. 1-866-Full Throttle (385-5847)

Make size 1"  $29.95 special order
Make size 2"  $32.95
Make size 3"  $38.95
Make size 4"  $44.95
Make size 5"  $64.95 special order
  *Special order risers will take an additional few days to ship



PowerMadd Universal Pivot Riser System
Universal Pivot Adaptor works on all brands of snowmobiles with flat steering post!
Raises bars 3”
Dual pivot points allow for maximum handlebar positioning
Use Extension Blocks as an easy way to increase bar height an additional 1", 2", or 3”
(If you want to go higher than 3" check out the Pivot Adaptor and Pivot Riser Blocks)
Works great on mountain style bars because it is only 3.25" wide
Universal 3" Pivot Adaptor/Riser $74.95
Universal Riser Block 1" $22.95
Universal Riser Block 2"   $29.95
Universal Riser Block 3"   $32.95


PowerMadd Pivot Adaptor Kit
(top picture to the left)
Allows the handlebar and rider to move forward, optimizing the center of gravity of your snowmobile for better handling and control (like the Ski-Doo MXZ-REV chassis concept.)  Handlebars can be pivoted forward or back from original stock position.  Pivot Adapter raises bars an additional 1.25"  Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for maximum strength.  Most snowmobiles accept the Pivot Adaptor and a 2" Riser Block (sold separately) without modification to cables or wiring.  Pivot Adapter Kits will fit all snowmobiles which do not come stock with an OEM Pivot Riser. Bottom picture to the left shows the adaptor installed and the process.
Make  $61

Some Ski-doo X models require different parts like the FLY or RSI risers.  Call for further explanation and we'll get you set up.
1-866-Full Throttle (385-5847)

PowerMadd Pivot Style
Handlebar Riser Blocks
available in 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 inch and are 4.24" wide so make sure your handlebars will accommodate them.
NOTE: Yamaha must use pivot adaptor. Polaris IQ production models with the 3" pivot post will need to use the narrow style below or the  FLY or RSI risers here.These blocks will not work with Fly or RSI pivot post adaptors, use the Powermadd one above.
Make size 2"  $39
Make size 4"  $44
Make size 6"  $51
Make size 7"  $54
Make size 8"  $56
Make size 10" $61

3.125" wide

Clamp and bolt kits sold separately:

Narrow Style Riser
These risers are designed to be taller replacements for the narrower stock risers.
size 2"   $38
size 4"   $43
size 6"   $50
size 7"   $54
size 8"   $55
size 10"  $60
clamp and bolt kit #45474  $21
bolt kit #45475  $7
NOTE - Requires clamp and bolt Kit 45474 when replacing the adjustable riser on a 2007-2014 Arctic Cats. (will NOT work with telescoping steering post).

NOTE - Requires bolt Kit 45475 when used on: 2003-2009 Polaris snowmobiles with narrow 3.125" wide riser.


Yamaha Nytro Style Riser
This riser is designed to be a taller replacement for the Nytro stock 2.5" riser. 4" is as tall as you can go without changing the brake line and throttle cable. ONLY fits the Nytro "RTX" model '08-'13
size 4"  $50.95

PowerMadd oversized bar clamp

(pictured on a bar riser) Universal adaptor allows 1 1/8" bars to be clamped to ATV's, motorcycles and snowmobiles with PowerMadd Pivot Riser Blocks.



Powermadd Riser Cover Bag $50.95
Fits most sleds. Installs in seconds. 
The PowerMadd Riser Bag helps clean up your bars after putting on a larger riser block by covering up wires and gives you the added benefit of a pocket for storage and the pad for protection.
Use on Snowmobiles or ATV’s with at least a 3” riser.
Includes a 1” nylon strap and buckle to secure the bag to your bars and two 3” velco straps on the sides of the bag for stability and to hide wires.
Made of heavy duty nylon material.
The pocket comes with a waterproof zipper and a water resistant wire inlet on the bottom.
The side of the bag features a D-ring to attach your tether when not being used.


PowerMadd handlebar pad $14.95

PowerMadd Throttle Cable extension kit  $29.95
note: will not fit '07-'08 Arctic Cat F series

Powermadd Extended Length Brake Lines

Part #    Brand Models    Length

Arctic Cat
PM15600 $50.00 All 1994-2000 (38.75")
PM15602 $50.00 M Series, Firecat up to 2006 (43.5")
PM15612 $50.00 M Series '07-11 (43.5")
PM15604 $50.00 All except Pro-X (36.75")
Note - 2000 - 2003 RMK, and 2000-01 Gen II have a hard 90 degree
bend at caliper end - use PM15616.
PM15605 $50.00 Pro-X, '06 900 RMK, '06-08 IQ Chassis (41")
PM15611 $50.00 Dragon and Assult '09-10 (35.5")
PM15616 $50.00 Gen II 200-01, RMK 2000-03 (37")
Note - has 90 degree bend at caliper.
Ski Doo
PM15606 $50.00 F2000, CK3, S2000 (39")
PM15607 $50.00 ZX Model (35.25")
PM15608 $50.00 Rev Model (Not Rev XP) (42")
PM15615 $50.00 Rev XP (42")
PM15609 $50.00 SX, Max, Viper '97-'03 (37")
PM15610 $50.00 '03 - RX; '04 - RX, RX Warrior; '05 - Rage, Vector; '06 - Vector (43.5")
PM15611 $50.00 '04 - SX, Venture; 05 - RX, Warrior, SX; 06 - Apex, Attak, Nytro pre-2008 (35.5")
PM15613 $50.00 Nytro 2008-09 RTX trail (51")
PM15614 $50.00 Nytro 2008-09 MTX mountian (57")
Braided, stainless brake lines.  They're coated with a durable PVC clear coat and at least 6" longer than stock.
Powermadd Extended Length Brake Lines $50
(We may substitute the Fly or RSI brake lines if the Powermadd ones are out of stock.)



Click here to purchase a Snowmobile Neck Cover/Neck Gaiter to cover up
your wires and cables and fill in the void

Click here to see a step by step installation of two different styles of bar riser systems

Powermadd fitment guide

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