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Klim Snowmobile Gloves

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klim elite snowmobile glove
Klim Elite Glove $239.99


Klim Elite Gloves

The Elite is Klim’s most durable glove featuring GORE-TEX® + GORE GRIP technology and 3M™ THINSULATE™ Platinum Insulation. The Elite Glove offers the ultimate “broke-in” fit for riders who demand superior grip control without compromising warmth, protection or features. If you’re looking for the ultimate “no-compromise” KLIM® glove, this is it.

klim tundra split finger snowmobile gloveklim tundra split finger snow mobile glove
Tundra Split Finger Glove $159.99


Tundra Split Finger Glove

As part of the Tundra collection, the Tundra Split Finger glove is the ultimate in warmth and technology on the snow. The Tundra is warmest glove design to date and offers dual chamber functionality so you don’t give up tactile control of your bars, brakes and throttle. The lobster claw (split finger) design is a perfect compromise between a mitten (superior warmth) and 4 finger glove design (superior tactile control).

klim togwotee snowmobile gloveklim togwotee snowmobile gloveklim togwotee snowmobile gloveklim togwotee snowmobile glove
Klim Togwotee Glove $139.99


Klim Togwotee Glove

The Togwotee Glove offers premium GORE-TEX® waterproof/breathable performance in a leather-palm glove. The removable fleece liner adds additional warmth without bulk, interacting flawlessly with your machine's grips and controls. Designed from the ground up to be fully compatible with KLIM® Glove Liners.

klim caribou mitten
Klim Caribou Mitten $109.99


Klim Caribou Mitten

Winter riding is unpredictable. Prepare for the unknown with the KLIM® Caribou Mitten. Fingers can get cold and in extreme cases, even be frostbitten. Designed to create a method of re-warming cold fingers and abate frostbite. Keep in your kit for emergencies, for when the weather gets bitterly cold or for an extremely comfortable and warm everyday winter glove. Add a KLIM® Glove Liner to the mix and you have an unbeatable combination for the ultimate hand warmth on the snow. Mittens are also compatible with hand warmers.

klim allure snowmobile glove mittenklim allure snowmobile glove mittenklim allure snowmobile glove mitten
Womens Allure Glove/Mitten $99.99-119.99


Klim Womens Allure Glove/Mitten

Built specifically for female hands in search of maximum comfort, the Allure Glove incorporates the GORE-TEX® 2-in-1 glove system (one position maximizing warmth, the other maximizing grip) and features high-quality 3M™ THINSULATE™ Platinum Insulation. If you’re looking for the women-specific glove that does it all, this is it.

klim glove liner 4.0 insulated
Glove Liner 4.0 Insulated $54.99


Glove Liner 4.0 Insulated

For the warmest possible glove setup, the KLIM® 4.0 liners incorporate 80 Grams of 3M™ THINSULATE™ PLATINUM INSULATION on the backhand. Leather palm allows maximum durable tactility inside a KLIM® GORE-TEX® glove (the liner stays in place). Includes e-touch technology on finger and thumb. Replace existing fleece liners or simply upsize any non-insulated KLIM® glove and enjoy the benefits of a superior insulated liner.
* TIP: For the best fit experience, first test this liner with your chosen GORE-TEX® riding gloves.

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