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Polaris IQ Steering and Controls

Polaris Snow Cross Skis $169ea (Carbides sold separately). Best ski for trail use on an IQ race sled.


Polaris IQ2 Skis $139ea (Carbides sold separately). Standard ski for trail use on the new IQ trail production sleds. White and Black are sold out and have been replaced by the Pro Steer skis below.


Woody's Carbides Runners for Sno-x and IQ2 Skis
Carbides 4"  $63.95
Carbides 6"  $79.95
Ace (square rod) 6" $79.95
Carbides 8"  $91.95
Ace (square rod) 8" $91.95


NEW Polaris Pro-Steer Skis $144ea (Carbides sold separately). Standard ski for trail use on the new Rush and will fit older sleds too that have stock plastic skis.


Polaris high flotation Gripper Skis $144ea
Wider skis for high flotation.


Woody's Carbides Runners for Gripper Skis
Carbides 4"  $64
Carbides 6"  $80
Carbides 8"  $92


Woody's Carbides Runners for Pro Steer Skis
Carbides 4"  $64
Carbides 6"  $80
Carbides 8"  $92



Colored Ski Toe $29.99 each
IQ/Fusion style
Colored Ski Toes $48 a pair
IQ/Fusion style
  C&A PRO Skis
Skis come out of the mold flat, then tips are bent into place, causing a natural outward pressure
Preloaded tips absorb much of a bump’s load before it reaches the sled
While other plastic skis use rigid, bolted-on metal mounting saddles, the patented C & A all-plastic saddle is molded into the ski, allowing the most flex and reverse flex around
Simple 90° angles on a square keel and flat-bottom design floats on the snow instead of relying on engineered-in lift the way other skis do
Exclusive ball and cup ski tip loop assembly reduces rigidity and increases tip flexibility
Mounting kit must be purchased separately
Wearbars/runners not included/sold separately below
c-and-a-razor-rz-skis_small C&A PRO Razor RZ Skis $395-$435
High-performance Razor Ski has been designed to provide aggressive control for experienced riders and racers
Features are very similar to the ADX ski but with “V” shaped outboard keels
Total weight is 6.6 lbs (including handle)
Sold in pairs. White is an additional $40


C&A PRO MTX Mountain Extreme Skis $435-$475
Skis are designed for top performance in deep powder conditions that demand maximum flotation and agile steering
8” wide profile; the additional width provides an extended surface to give the front-end-lift needed in powder to reduce drag on components under the sled
Skis feature X Edge 90° design with rounded outer ribs and a contoured center keel for easy maneuverability when trail riding
Overall design is optimized to minimize weight with the increased width; just 6.8 lbs. with handle
Adjustable flexible tip
Extra rear heel height for good carry in reverse
Uses same handle, carbides and mounting kits as all other C&A skis
Sold in pairs. White is an additional $40


C&A PRO Mounting Kit for IQR's $41
Includes two bolts and nuts, four bushings and washers
Sold in pairs


Woody's Carbides Runners for C&A Pro Skis
Carbides 6"     $79.95
Carbides 8"     $91.95
Carbides 10"  $114.95


RSI Snowmobile Handlebar Pads $24.95

Designed specifically for snowmobiles.
Heavy duty outer nylon with TPR rubber logos will not
separate or crack in the coldest weather.
Large (7") size fits most aftermarket or factory handlebars and risers including the IQ racers and 600RR's.


Handguards-block the wind and any snow roost just in case you get temporarily passed.
Polaris handguards are available here
Sportech handguards are available here

Powermadd handguars and race flares are available here

Handguards, Bar Hooks, Bar Pads

Powermadd and Sportech Handguards, Mounts & Handlebar Hooks


Polaris hand guards and mounts are here

Snowmobile Riser Blocks from Powermadd, Fly, Sportech and SPI

Handlebar Riser Blocks, Bars & Grips
Many more parts available including all stock/OEM Polaris parts
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