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Jet Ski ignition coils, wire and spark plug caps


Kawasaki 750,
Yamaha Superjet, & Krash style

Kawasaki 900/1100
Style, sold each
Ignition coils for Kawasaki and Yamaha $61-$81
Extremely limited inventory if any

WSM Ignition Coils

Solid core wires
Oem style plugs on wire ends
New premium replacement Kawasaki/Yamaha single/dual ignition coil with plug wires, it meets or exceeds OE specifications.


Kawasaki 750,
Yamaha Superjet, & Krash

Kawasaki Ignition Coil  $123

Kawasaki Ignition Coil
Will also work with Krash & Yamaha

Solid core wires
Works on Krash with electrical box


NGK Ignition wires $22.95ea
Most modern electrical systems will take the solid end. Only purchase removable if you remove the top of your spark plug when installing new ones to fit it in the cap.
NGK Racing Wires

Low resistance racing cables improve sparking energy leading to improved engine performance. High temp silicone outer jackets, solid copper wire strand core and high temp resistor covers provide durable construction. Resistor covers include 5k ohm ceramic resistors to help reduce electro magnetic interference and radio frequency interference, which can interfere with electronic ignition components, causing misfires and poor engine performance.
Outer insulator of rugged, high-performance silicone and inner core of solid copper wire strands
Connected with NGK 90 degree resistor cover
Fit most applications for motorcycles, snowmobiles, watercraft and carts
Resistor cover comes equipped with a 5k ohm ceramic resistance to defend against radio frequency interference that can disrupt electronic ignitions
Solid terminal, 100cm (39") length
Wire connector makes attaching new wires to CDI unit easy - just insert the lead from the CDI unit in one end, the new wire in the other and screw the two pieces together for a watertight seal
Wire connector made of high-impact plastic
Sold each

Aftermarket Spark Plug Caps $15.95
black is currently on BO with no eta
NGK Style Colored Spark Plug Caps

An aftermarket replacement for the NGK TBO5EMA. Made from soft molded rubber to be sure-fitting and waterproof. 5K ohm resistance. Sold each.


Sorry, still on back order since July 3, 1985.
Sold over $381 million worldwide that year.

Flux Capicitor
Get as much spark as a bolt of lightning

Maximum Power: 121 Gigawatts
Material Compatibility: Plutonium
Speed Required: 88MPH



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