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Where's my ski?   Where's my parts?

2022/23 Krash jet ski inventory list.

Color / Model
Black / Black Foot Rocket (FR) Available, in stock now
Black / Black FR Available, in stock now
Grey / Lime FR   Available, in stock now
Grey / Lime FR   Available, in stock now
Grey / Lime FR   Available, in stock now
Grey / Aqua FR  Available, in stock now
Grey / Aqua FR  Available, in stock now
Orange / Charcoal FR   Erick V Peru, Available, in stock now
Orange / Charcoal FR   Available, in stock now
Black / Black FR PRO  On hold, will be Available after others arrive. It is here now.
Reaper Charcoal/Sky Blue Available here now
Acid Green / Black FR Pro  CGDNAS *ON HOLD* may be Available after others arrive.

Arriving June (assuming no delays)
FR PRO '21 Blue LIme graphics MINE
FR PRO  Black Green Available to purchase
FR Blue Lime William T DP
Predator RR Black White Available to purchase

Arriving later, MAYBE mid summer but could be later
FR Blue LIme  Available to purchase
Predator RR Blue Lime  Available to purchase

All updates will be posted here as soon as we find out.
All payments must clear prior to pick up. The only form of payment accepted day of pickup is cash, no checks or credit cards.
Payment Address here
Financing available here

AS PREVIOUSLY STATED TO EVERYONE BUYING A SKI FROM US: We get ETAs from Krash but have no control over when skis will actually ship and arrive. We will post any updates we get here.

June shipment was loaded in the shipping container 5-11-23.  It is schedueld to ship out on 5-17-23. The boats normally take 4-6 weeks to arrive. Shipments must clear customs then get trucked to us. This is normally 1-2 weeks assuming no delays. So plan on around 8 weeks total.
ETA on this next shipment is July 6th.

July 5th, skis are in Chicago. They are arranging shipping now but there is a delay getting ECUs for 2 more weeks. We are trying to at least get the skis so we can start working on them.

Update 7-19-23. We are still trying to get the skis early.  They said the trucking is booked for the 28th once they clear customs so it will be the first week of August before they arrive and then we still need time to uncrate and add accessories.

Delayed, still waiting for ECUs to arrive.
8-16-23 ECUs have arrived. Skis are booked to leave Chicago on 8-25-23. Pray for no more delays.
I'm told skis will ship on Sept 6th. TQL BOL NO: 25350240
ABF freight just scheduled with us for delivery on the 11th but only 3 crates, not the 4 we were expecting. I dont know which skis are arriving and which one was left off or if its an error. Im checking into it.
Skis will arrive  without some parts. We will do our best to finish assembly with the spare parts we have here and call each person when their ski is ready.

Krash contact info
917 475 0138  call after 5pm cst
Just a reminder:
Final payments must clear prior to pick up. Cash is the only form of payment we accept from out of
state customers on pickup day, no checks or credit cards. Wire payments take a day or two to clear
and make sure you add on $30 for the bank fee on our end. Your bank may charge you as well.
Anyone paying by credit card for shipping will have to sign the receipt and send it back to us prior to
the shipment. Please contact us as soon as you can to make or verify final arrangements.

If you're picking up a ski:
We are only open Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm and prefer pick ups before 3pm so we have
time to go over the ski with you. Our You Tube videos may help too. Here is the link to the accessory
video: The Accessory list is here:
You can copy and past the items you want back to us in an email. Please be sure to specify if you
want us to install them. We will need time to do so and normal labor rates will apply.

If anyone wants to change colors these skis are available now:
FootRocket Gray/Lime
FootRocket Gray/Aqua
2, FootRocket Gray/Orange (one with all the options)
FootRocket Black/Black (in crate)

Once again, Thank You!

Parts Arriving Soon

Exhaust manifolds
Front engine covers/stator covers
They are in customs now and Should arrive in the next week or 2.
Updated 8-24-23

Parts on Back Order
Orders are taking longer than usual)
oil controllers
Fuel tanks, Oil tanks

Updated 8-17-23

parts and accessories are here Looking for something else? contact us
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