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Krash Financing

Financing Application
download, fill out and email to us

0% PROMOTION when available
0% INTEREST for the first 36 Months when available.
Must have a credit score of at least 650 and debt to income ratio no more than 40%


Title vehicles will require proof of registration or actual MSO.

 Proof of insurance may be required at closing.

All applicable fees required by each state (i.e. UCC Fees, direct lien fees, etc.) will be added.

Minimum Loan Amount = $1,500, Maximum loan amount = $30,000

 $125 Loan Processing Fee (added to loan)

 All terms, rates and promotions subject to change without notice.


Out the door costs:
Ski base price (in crate) + 6% Iowa boat tax + partial inbound shipping $400 = total for ski in the crate.
If your ski was a special order that ships by itself you will have full inbound shipping due, currently $500-$800 but can be more at times.
Set up, break in, tuning, installed accessories and out bound shipping are all extra.

$12599 + 6% (756) +400 = $13755
$13199 + 6% (792 ) +400 = $14391
$17499 + 6% (1050) +400 = $18949
+ any additionals, accessories, outbound shipping etc

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