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Renthal Handlebars

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The Twinwall� is engineered for the toughest of conditions. The Twinwall feature a patented design that borrow aircraft design principles by utilising two tubes, providing the rider with a combination of Strength, lightweight and safety.

Since their introduction in 1998, the Twinwall� have been the handlebar of choice for more professional race teams and has helped more riders win championships than any other handlebar in the world.

twinwall features
twinwall black
twinwall blue
twinwall orange
twinwall red
twinwall tanium

Twinwall Handlebars $145.95

-Outer tube is 7010 T73, which has extreme resistance to mechanical damage and is anodised to prevent corrosion
-Inner tube is ultra high strength 7010 T6 Aluminium and is hard anodised to resist wear from twist grip and controls
-Renthal's pioneered bonded lightweight single bolt clamping system for the crossbrace, greatly increases strength whilst still allowing flex
-Laser etched positioning grid
-Knurling (Clutch end only) increases bonding between bar and grip
-No knurling in clamp area; this could cause a stress raiser and lead to fatigue failure
-Includes injection moulded crossbar pad
-Rubber seals cover the joint to keep out fluids
CR HIGH 801 99 115 65
KTM HIGH 810 99 110 40
MCGRATH  813 79 125 54
RC  804 105 110 54
RC HIGH 812 120 115 58
RC MINI  754 112 80 40
REED  803 98 110 56
STEWART 811 93 110 49
YZ 816 85 95 41

fatbar black
fatbar blue
fatbar green
fatbar orange
fatbar red
fatbar tanium

Fatbars $125.95


Renthal� Fatbar� is the market leading unbraced handlebar. Featuring a tapered wall profile enables the clamping diameter(1-1/8" | 28.6mm) to be larger than the control ends (7/8" | 22.2mm).

Strength for the bar is created within the tapered wall profile allowing for a braceless design. This enables a confident level of flexibility in the handlebar. Fitted as OE equipment by KTM and Suzuki

CR HIGH 805 97 115 65
ENDURO 781 102 115 54
KX 769 98 120 72
KTM HIGH 805 95 130 42
KTM LOW 808 83 140 41
KTM 125-450 811 92 117 52
KTM SX 85 779 88 122 50
SUZUKI 806 85 125 56
MCGRATH 813 78 150 54
RC HIGH 802 120 105 56
RC 804 104 105 54
RC MINI  754 112 85 52
REED 800 98 100 55
STREET LOW 766 80 122 50
TRIALS 100 819 100 80 47
TRIALS 110 816 115 105 45
YFZ 450 780 105 140 86
YZ/YZF 801 89 125 56

Braceless Design
The design of the handlebar is aimed at reducing weight whilst maintaining an extremely high strength. The braceless design allows for a comfortable level of flexibility.

7010 T6 Aluminium
Renthal has exclusive rights to this specially developed alloy, for the manufacture of handlebars. Designed specifically as a handlebar aluminium the material helps limit vibration.

Shot Peened
Millions of tiny steel shots are blasted at high velocity at the bar, breaking the surface tension of the material and leaving a textured surface finish. The process increases the fatigue life and durability of the bar.

Knurled End
The Clutch side of all Fatbar handlebars are knurled. This gives a larger bonding area when applying grips to the handlebar.

Anodised Finish
The anodised surface finish provides an integral coating preventing corrosion. The 15 step process is carefully carried on on each bar individually.

Clamping Diameter
The oversized clamping diameter gives means the handlebars are held in the bar mounts more securely.

Positioning Grid
Laser marked onto the centre of the handlebar, a detailed setup grip ensures you can centralise the bar in the mounts and accurately set the angle in the mounts.

Fatbar Pad
Every handlebar features the Renthal Fatbar pad, they help prevent injury and provide a smart look to your bike. Injection moulded to the highest quality, then wrapped in a durable pad cover.
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