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Krash Gaskets & O rings


Thicker Needle and Seat assembly O rings $4 a pair
(O-rings only)
Thicker Needle and Seat assembly O rings 
(O-rings only)

If you have a fuel leak that is leaking into the engine and filling your crank case with fuel or if you have a rich condition on the low end you cant adjust out then check your needle and seat O-rings. Many carbs leak fuel past the oring causing these problems. Use a pop of pressure gauge to test. These are slightly thicker than the stock o-rings for a tighter fit and seal. Apply a thin amount of 2 stroke oil on o-ring prior to installation.
Leaking O rings Video here:

Mikuni "Kidney Plate" check valve $1.95 each
Mikuni "Kidney Plate" check valve
This helps stop the fuel dribble in the Krash carbs
Double up or even triple up on these on each carb.

Krash 997/1200 Intake manifold reed gaskets $32 pr

Intake manifold gaskets

Sold as a pair
4 required for intake
aka reed gaskets

Krash Head oring Kit $35

Head O ring Kit
5 piece O ring kit

Krash Head Large o-ring $17

Head Large O ring 
Large O ring only

Krash 997 Head Dome o-ring kit of 4 $19

Head Dome O rings 
Set of 4, 2 under the domes and 2 on top

Krash Cylinder base gasket $21-$25

Cylinder base gasket
Made exclusively for us by Cometic
with better material.

Krash 997/1200 Crankshaft Seal $23 - $26 sold each

Front and Rear Crankshaft Seal
Engine contains 1 front and 2 rear seals, one inner and one outer.
Grease prior to installation.

Krash 997/1200 Exhaust manifold gaskets $24 pr

Exhaust manifold gaskets

Sold as a pair

Krash 997/1200 Exhaust power valve gaskets $14 pr

Exhaust power valve gaskets

Sold as a pair

Krash 997/1200 Exhaust Header pipe o-ring $19.95

Exhaust Header pipe o-ring 
Goes between manifold and head pipe

Krash 997/1200 Flywheel Cover o-ring $14.95

Flywheel Cover o-ring 
AKA quad ring seal, front case o ring

Krash 997 Electrical Box Cover o-ring $9.95

Electrical Box Cover o-ring for 997 
For use with stock Krash 997 electrical box

Krash Exhaust Coupler Rubber $45

Exhaust Coupler Rubber
Connects the head pipe to tail cone


All carb gaskets here

from intake manifold and up
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