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Krash Video Index
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Riding and Tricks
Backflip Compilation 1
Backflip Compilation 2 big air
How to get up on a Krash jet ski
Old school tricks on a Krash Foot Rocket

Boat chasing and flipping the 2019 997 FootRocket
How to back flip a jet ski by Iceman
Jet ski comparison part 1
Jet ski comparison part 2
Krash Accessories '21
Krash Accessories '22
Why buy a Krash Jet Ski
Many changes to the Krash Skis
Starting and stopping procedures

Tech Support

Air Intake
Carb tuning 997

Carb tuning 1200
Limiting rope installation
Start Stop switch conversion to Yamaha

Year and model specific tech support videos

Funny Stuff

Office space copier scene
More tech support videos on the corresponding
tech support pages starting here

Videos for our customers only
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'21 setup video
Set up, complete ski
'22 Walk through / Introduction and set up
Starter Bendix

Starter Install
Installing a Microsquirt ECU
Programming your Microsquirt
Programming your Haltech
'21 Krash Reaper set up
'21 flywheel mod and ECU flash
Winterizing your Krash jet ski
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