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Krash Tech Support & Resources
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Krash known issues and fixes

Troubleshooting 997

Carb Settings 997

Torque Settings

2020 Owners Guide

997 Programable CDI video

Krash Warranty

Warranty claim form for JS Powersports customers

If you buy a ski from us we will provide tech suport.
If you buy parts from us we provide tech support for those items.
All other support will need to be from your own dealer/supplier or Krash direct at
Or we can block off some time for you at our normal labor rate.

2021 Owners Guide
2021 Troubleshoot E bar loom
2021 Troubleshoot E bar loom 2
2021 Troubleshoot Regulator
2021 Troubleshoot Stator
2021 Troubleshoot Hall Effect
2021 Troubleshoot Start Stop Switch
2021 Fuse box layout V1
2021 Fuse box layout V2
2021 New ECU pin change if your stop and lanyard switch dont work
2021 Ecu plug to New Microsquirt ECU

2021-22 Parts Microfiche

Carb tuning and rebuild services, Bring in your ski or
send us your carbs.

If your ski does not have fuel tank and primer pressure relief valves then add them before trying to tune the fuel system.
Click here
Make sure your fuel lines are full before starting up a new ski or one that has been sitting.

Krash 1200 Carb Settings

Krash 997 carb settings

Ours run best at 1.5 on the Low speed screws &
1 on the High speed screws.
stock Needle & Seat is a 2.3

High Altitude Jetting Chart for 997

See the rest of our Krash Tech Videos Here

Torque Settings
We highly recommend an adjustable water line flow valve
to help with tuning. This will keep excess water out of the
exhaust system.
Click here
Do not use a Kawasaki or other aftermarket lanyards unless the clip is as thick as the stock one or it will not spark.
Approved Lanyards here

Click here to see all the 2021 1200cc improvements/changes

2021 Hall effect sensor troubleshoot

2021 Flywheel mod, ECU must be sent to Krash for programing and one tooth removed from the flywheel


2020 and older Krash magnetic pickup and it reads 520ohms just like the older ones. The new pickup wires are glued on the pickup with heat shrink on top. Looks solid now. New ones are HERE
Adding fuses to the 997 electrical box PDF

Available HERE

Many More Krash Tech Videos Here

How to fix a magnetic pickup sensor.
If the magnetic pickup is not destroyed and just a wire has broken off it can usually be repaired while you wait for your new improved one to arrive. If the wire broke just outside of the sensor and there is enough  wire still outised of the sensor you can simply soldier the two back together then clean it up and then epoxy all the way around to provide support. If the wire is broke off inside and cannot be soldered right there then take a piece of strong wire that you can solder to. You may be able to use a small paper clip and sharpen the end and then heat it with a torch and then melt it into the inside of the wire on the sensor. Give it a second to cool off and bond. Then solder the wire onto the paper clip and clean thoroughly and then you epoxy all the way around it for support. Make sure you give the epoxy enough time to cure before trying to put it all back together. Also, make sure it reads around 520 ohms before reinstalling. Dont forget the spacers that go inbetween the case and the back of the sensor or it wont pickup the flywheel.

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