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Please read the long notice at the bottom for skis

2022 Krash jet ski inventory list.

Color / Model
Black / Black Foot Rocket (FR)  Mickey J (W-DP) picked up
Grey / Lime FR   Rob C DP picked up
Grey / Lime FR   Maggie H (W) in storage
Grey / Lime FR   Available, in stock now
Grey / Lime FR   Available, in stock now
Grey / Aqua FR   Jeff T W PD  shipped
Grey / Aqua FR  Matthew K PD picked up
Grey / Aqua FR  Available, in stock now
Orange / Charcoal FR   Jon W PD  picked up
Orange / Charcoal FR   Scott M   picked up
Orange / Charcoal FR   Erick V Peru, Available, in stock now
Orange / Charcoal FR   Ben R DP   here ready for pickup, pu week of 12-19???  in storage
Blue / Lime  FR   Trevin M PD F  picked up
Blue / Lime  FR   Josh Z DP F  Shipped
Blue / Lime  FR   Matt D PD   picked up
Black / Black FR PRO  On hold,  will be Available after others arrive. It is here now.
Orange / Black FR Pro  Dan M PD Shipped
Reaper Gray/Orange Nathan G (F,PD) Shipped
FR with '21 Pink Blue paint scheme Tim V PD shipped
Here now as of 3-15-23
Aqua / Black Predator Available here now
Grey / Aqua FR  Available here now
Blue / Lime  FR   Shane H W PD Shipped
Blue / Lime  FR   Gregory F DP Picked up

Blue / Lime FR John Mo DP here now
Charcoal / Orange Reaper Full Carbon   Jeff S  PD Shipped
FR Pink / Blue FR '21 paint scheme Nicole J here now
Black/Black FR
Available here now
 Orange / Gray FR? Available here now
Gray/Aqua FR Available here now

Arriving Spring 2023:
Orange / Black FR Pro  Vern I W MP BD  arriving Spring 2023
Acid Green / Black FR Pro  SOLD CGDNAS
Acid Green / Black FR Pro  *ON HOLD* may be Available after others arrive.
Charcoal / Sky Blue Reaper  Available, arriving Spring 2023

FR Blue Lime Available ?, arriving Spring 2023
FR PRO Black Green with charging Jon M PD  arriving Spring 2023
FR PRO Black Black with charging Jon M PD arriving Spring 2023
FR PRO Black Green with charging Brett G PD arriving Spring 2023

FR PRO '21 Blue LIme graphics MINE -  I let them make all my customers skis first. No clue when mine will arrive.
FR Black/Black Available, arriving Spring 2023

Thank you for being patient. Your skis are here or on the way. I told them to build mine last so my customers could get theirs first. I have no clue when mine will be done so I have also felt the pain of a long wait. ECU's will be sent out when we get them.

All payments must clear prior to pick up. The only form of payment accepted day of pickup is cash, no checks or credit cards.
Payment Address here
Financing available here


some old/irrelevant notes have been deleted

12-2-22  4 skis arived
12-7-22  14 skis arrived. Please see this list to perpare. Skis will need picked up, shipped or stored off site at your expense.
We have tried to contact everyone on the 1st list.  Please call us if you're on the list and we have not spoken.
Updated 12-1-22

23 skis are set to arrive in CA Jan 10-18th.
They were shipped out of Thailand on 12-16-22. I confirmed this. Please see this list to perpare and make immediate arrangements. Skis will need picked up, shipped or stored off site at your expense. Consider this your 30 day notice. Contact us to make arrangements now.
Updated 12-20-22

Ski shipment got split up. There will be 9 on the first container and they are stuck in long beach CA port due to congestion. They expect them to be at Krashs warehouse in CA in about 8 days and then trucked to us.  2nd container with 3 skis ETA to Krash warehouse in Lake Elsinore on the 22nd of February. Were still waiting on the details of the 3rd container.
Updated 1-27-23
9 skis arrived in Lake Elsinore CA, Krashs warehouse.
Updated 2-6-23

2 more skis were released from customs.
Krash has a truck set to ship 11 skis to us on March 7th so we should see them around the 14th ish. I do not know for sure which ones. 8 FR's, 1 Reaper pro, 1 Reaper, 1 Predator
Updated 2-24-23

Krash said, "we have 9 Skis on the water for you at the minute these are due to arrive in the next 2 weeks, assuming no more delays"
The last 2 Footrocket Pros (full carbon fiber), mine included, will be shipping from Thailand next. They are hoping for March 15th.  There was a shortage of carbon fiber which affected Rickter as well.
Updated 3-1-23
10 ski crates arrived
Updated 3-15-23
The next shipment the is due to arrive in CA on the 24th will contain everyone elses prepaid skis from '21 and '22.
Updated 3-20-23
4th shipment mostly all the PROS arriving 4-6-23
Thank you for being patient. Most of the rest of the '22 skis will be delivering in mid to late January. 18 already arrived here at JS.
This is the new page for all '22 skis containing the shipment lists, dates and any updates: Most will be excited to get their new toy
however we realize for some this will not be an ideal time of year and believe me its not for us either
but we are glad they are finally arriving. World shortages on rubber, computer chips and many other
things have been a major problem.

Everyone will need to be prepared to make arrangements now for your skis when they arrive and
please contact us now to do so. Consider this your 30 day notice. Very important, they will need to
be picked up (let us know if you want it in or out of crate), shipped (is it residential or commercial and
with a loading dock or fork lift available?) or stored off site at your expense. Anyone who does not
respond will automatically have their ski put into storage at their expense. We absolutely do not have
room for the 23 more that will be arriving. We will start shipping skis back out to customers the very
day they arrive.
We can still do set up and add all the accessories ($240 per hour labor rates apply) and should be
able to test run them if we get ECUs on time but can not do break in or any tuning until early
summer. We have a list of most common accessories for the '22s we can send you if you request it.
Skis will not fit back into the crate if we do full assembly (installing the handle pole and turn nozzle).
If you would like service, the first ones to respond will have their skis placed in our shop and worked
on first in the order they were purchased. If you still owe money on a ski your payment is due now.
Final payments must clear prior to pick up. Cash is the only form of payment we accept from out of
state customers on pickup day, no checks or credit cards. Wire payments take a day or two to clear
and make sure you add on $30 for the bank fee on our end. Your bank may charge you as well.
Anyone paying by credit card for shipping will have to sign the receipt and send it back to us prior to
the shipment. Please contact us as soon as you can to make or verify final arrangements.

If you're picking up, tell your boss now you will need a day off to get your ski around that time frame.
We are only open Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm and prefer pick ups before 3pm so we have
time to go over the ski with you. Our You Tube videos may help too. Here is the link to the accessory
video: The Accessory list is here:
You can copy and past the items you want back to us in an email. Please be sure to specify if you
want us to install them, labor rates will apply.

If anyone wants to change colors these skis are available now:
FootRocket Gray/Lime
FootRocket Gray/Aqua SOLD
FootRocket Gray/Orange
Reaper Gray/Orange  SOLD

Once again, Thank You!

Parts Arriving Soon

ECU's for '22 and '23 are here now as of 4-15-23. You need a programming cable to set the TPS. This MUST be done. 
Click Here 

Parts on Back Order
Orders are taking longer than usual.
All 997 pistons and 1200 pistons
in the size 95.025 are on back order from Wiseco.
Updated 3-6-23

parts and accessories are here Looking for something else? contact us
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