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Krash Engine Parts
Not live inventory, This page is under construction, we will be adding more parts!


Krash Piston $299 each
Krash Pistons

Sold as pictured. Top end bearing not included. Sold separately below. STD + standard bore. .025 is 25 thousands over stock bore.
997 std and .025 over in stock

Krash Wrist Pin Bearing $29 each
Krash Wrist Pin Bearing


Krash Cylinder Sleeve $74
Krash Cylinder Sleeve

Krash Cylinder $759
Krash Cylinder

The KV997 Cylinder is made from A356 high pressure die cast
aluminium and 88mm bored steel sleeves. It features 4 Auxiliary ports, 1 boost port, 2 Auxiliary exhaust ports and 1 main exhaust
port per cylinder. The air and fuel are feed into the intake through
the side of the cylinder at a 30 degree angle and wrap around the
crank as the piston plunges from TDC to BDC. The cylinders are
150mm apart to increase the inner auxiliary ports area for improved
bottom end punch.

Krash 997 High Compression Domes $266 pr

High Compression Domes
These will set you right around 180psi.
Sold as a pair. Head orings sold separately or as a kit below.

Krash 997 High Compression Dome Kit $296

High Compression Dome Kit
These will set you right around 180psi.
Sold as a kit with o rings


Krash 997 Head oring Kit $35

Head O ring Kit
5 piece O ring kit

Krash 997 Head Large o-ring $17

Head Large O ring 
Large O ring only

Krash 997 Head Dome o-ring kit of 4 $19

Head Dome O rings 
Set of 4, 2 under the domes and 2 on top

Krash 997 Cylinder base gasket $17

Cylinder base gasket

Krash Crankshaft $1149

Pistons, wrist pin bearings and seals not included.
The 4340 forged crankshaft weighs in at 7.8kg and gives the
motor an 82mm stroke while being assembled using
NSK C3 bearings.
Our rods are 144mm long giving our engine an ideal rod to
stroke ratio of 1.76. All pins and surfaces are nitrate treated
for increased longevity.

Installation notes:
Grease seals prior to installation. Allow case sealiant time to dry before use.

Krash 997 Crankshaft Seal $23 - $26 sold each

Front and Rear Crankshaft Seal
Engine contains 1 front and 2 rear seals, one inner and one outer.
Grease prior to installation.

Krash 997 Exhaust manifold gaskets $20 pr

Exhaust manifold gaskets

Sold as a pair

Krash 997 Exhaust power valve gaskets $14 pr

Exhaust power valve gaskets

Sold as a pair

Krash 997 Exhaust Header pipe o-ring $19.95

Exhaust Header pipe o-ring 
Goes between manifold and head pipe

Krash 997 Flywheel Cover o-ring $14.95

Flywheel Cover o-ring 
AKA quad ring seal, front case o ring

Krash 997 Exhaust Coupler Rubber $39.95

Exhaust Coupler Rubber
Connects the head pipe to tail cone

Krash 997 Intake manifold gaskets $32 pr

Intake manifold gaskets

Sold as a pair
4 required for intake

Krash Engine Mount by WSM $41 ea

Krash Engine Mount by WSM
Krash motor mount

Sold each
4 required to replace all

Engine Keepers for Krash with spacers $99

Engine Keepers for Krash with spacers
Mounts on the front engine mounts. Protects your engine and mounts from too much movement. A must have for any hardcore surf or flat-water invert artist.

Sold in a pair, Left and Right
Only one pair is needed.
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All carb gaskets here

from intake manifold and up
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